Monday, June 26, 2006

Crossed over the River Jordan into "the Promised Land"

Lagniappe Missions Team arrived back safely to NC around 2:30 am (0-dark-30 again) on Sunday morning June 25th. Long trip back home to Raleigh with rain at the tail end of the trip (final stretch from C-H/Durham to Calvary PCA). As Lisa told us in her e-mail to us last night: "... unpack, do some laundry, clean your rooms, take a shower and get some sleep!!!!". Caught a few hours sleep in my own bed before church on Sunday. Presentation to Calvary family with some selected pictures Sunday evening with fellowship supper (even Krispy Kreme donuts courtesy of Gwen). Back to work teaching this am (too early, even for me); more rain on/off today in Wake and Harnett Counties, so can't cut the grass @ home just yet (tough break). Many, many thanks to God for His protection to all of us throughout the trip, to Lisa as our missions trip leader/coordinator, to all my colleagues, and to all who supported us with their diligent prayers and monetary support. Great experience overall with enough "Lagniappe moments" to keep me humble. I was blessed to be able to participate as a part of the missions team. God is indeed good, even "in the midst of the storm".


Dr Mike

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Anonymous said...

Just as an observation.....Thanks for ending up the blog on such a good note Mike! Your Fearless Leader