Sunday, June 30, 2019

A challenge from pastor Norm Evans

We attended today's worship service at Village Chapel Presbyterian church in New Bern. Pastor Evans is preaching through the book of Philippians. Today he emphasized Philippians 2:16, "Holding fast to the word of life." He challenged all of us to read Psalm 119 today and pick five verses from that Psalm to memorize. We want to hold fast to the Bible and to Jesus so that we can hold our Jesus and the truths in God's word out to this dark world.

Lunch after the Worship service

We are waiting for Pastor Nate's arrival and are planning a trip to Lowes this afternoon to gather supplies.

Our fearless leader Ellen has a canine friend Benny who is very happy to have the attention of our team.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Safe arrival in New Bern NC

The Calvary Missions team has safely arrived in New Bern NC.

We had a delightful visit with Ms. Lindora Toudle on our way in and were pleased to meet Dan Prins (from Peace Presbyterian Church in Cary NC) who has been hard at work getting the sheetrock in Ms. Lindora's home ready for painting. We thought that we would only be doing painting on this missions trip, but we will first have to complete the mudding and sanding that Dan has begun. It appears that God again has some lessons for us on how to trust Him and be flexible with our plans :-)

Here is a picture of the flood in Jones County published by Samaritan's Purse's Prayer Point Magazine.