Saturday, June 17, 2006

We've Arrived and Glistened

Lisa, Rich, Rob and Kristin arrived this afternoon around 2:30 at Lagniappe. We saw a lot of destruction on the coast (pictures to come.) We filled out paperwork for a while and then we were put to work. So far we have already moved paper products up to the attic, sweated, drank some water, moved and unpacked twice (we ended up in the wrong bunkhouse due to a terrible map and Lisa and Kristin thought they were going to end up in a room with a man from Chicago), sweated, drank some water, moved dinner, sweated, drank more water, checked out where the Walmart and hospitals are located, sweated, and took out the trash while still sweating. The trip was uneventful but if you ever go through Alabama make sure to stop in historic Opelika. When we first arrived we met Pastor Jean Larroux who was about to leave for his afternoon off. The interns also have the day off since they have been so busy getting ready for the work teams. We were told that tonight for dinner there will be 117 people but by Monday night there will be 275 glistening bodies crammed in the church for dinner. We have not been able to see any of our worksites for the week but we might be able to see them tomorrow. We are still working on finding a way to be able to see the Hurricanes game tonight but we have a few possiblities. Hopefully the Hurricanes will win and we will be able to watch it. Watch for pictures later tonight.

Hydrate or die. Semper Gumby!

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