Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting Ready for Biloxi

Sunday wasn't the first time we had met, but we wanted to get the blog started for Calvary's mission trip to Biloxi, MS in 2007. There's a great group of 31 people headed to the Gulf June 30-July 7. Lisa's our fearless leader again this year, since she did such a great job in 2006.

We talked transportation, tools, schedule, medical forms, prayer, testimonies, quiet times, team covenant and, oh yes, we ate some good food.

Salads - fruit, chicken, pasta. Bread - Pan Bigio (didn't he play second for the Astros), yummy whole wheat, croissants. Dessert - chocolate, 'nuff said.

We are an excited bunch! Can't wait to see what God's going to do in us on this trip. If last year was any measure, He'll do far more in us than through us.

Rumor has it that we might be very adept at drywall installation and finishing by the time we return. Maybe a little demo thrown in there, too. Lisa's getting updates from Biloxi Bob on a regular basis. It will be an adventure, as any faith stretcher can be - a battle, for sure. Flexibility is key.

Semper Gumby!


Anonymous said...

Amen! Flexibility is indeed the key (Semper Gumby). Looking forward to again enjoying the heat and humidity of Biloxi and the MS Gulf Coast. [Isn't that where Forrest Gump (sp?) was from ???] Just wish it would get back up to the steamy 90's again here in NC to help us prepare better till we leave :)
Looks like another great team and another great trip down south to help the folks still hurting from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. I know the Lord has lots of "opportunities" in store for us.

Anonymous said...

"Semper Gumby" indeed. Flexibility in both planning and execution is vital. Looking forward to another trip down to the "balmy" Gulf coast of MS. Too bad it has not been hot and humid these past couple weeks to better acclimate us to the June/July climate of Biloxi, Looking forward to what God has in store for our team this year. Only two (2) weeks and counting. Can't wait! Go MS State Bulldogs in the 2007 CWS.