Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday was a relatively cool day in Raleigh. Probably nothing like the weather will be in Biloxi. Still, 10 or so of us worked the morning in a church member's backyard, raking leaves and doing general cleanup. I wasn't there when the work started (deacon's meeting) so I don't have any "before" pictures. You can see by the few here that folks were working hard.

We ended up taking four loads in Jay's trailer to the barren soil beside the church trailers. Bill spent most of his time powerwashing the deck and railing, but ended up breaking his power washer shortly after lunch. Unfortunately, he had to travel to the local big box hardware and purchase a new, more powerful one. Too bad!

The back yard looked totally different and we learned some about work and service. We look forward to the lessons carrying over to Biloxi.

Update on funds: as of Sunday AM, the Lord has provided the minimum that we need, plus some. We hope to raise a lot more to be able to bless the work at Biloxi with an additional donation. Keep praying!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN !!! God has indeed provided our monetary needs and He continues to do so. Finally took the time to visit the Lagniappe PCA blog since the recent posting of the 10 June 2007 Weather Channel video (their visit to Bay St. Louis, MS) - well worth the visit to better appreciate the scope and magnitude of the recovery efforts and the need that STILL exists along the MS Gulf coast nearly 2 years after Katrina. Helps remind me again why we went last year and why we are going back again. May God richly bless our efforts again this year (as we know He will) and give safety to ALL those participating in the recovery from all over the country. We copntinue to "praise Him in the storm" and know that Jer. 29: 11-12 is real for us in the Calvary PCA team as we prepare physically and spiritaully for our upcoming trip south.