Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ooh, flat tire!

So not much happened today. We arrived safely in Biloxi at around 8:45 or 9:15. The 8:45ers were the advance team who were able to scope out the premises. The later group spent time building team spirit on the side of Interstate 10 changing a flat tire and dodging fire ants. Despite leaving late and taking longer stops than expected, we were able to make good time.

The tire blew on the Bayer van only a few minutes after leaving our last (or so we thought) stop for the evening. Mr. Hatton expertly guided the car off of the road and he and Mr. Diepenbrock put the temporary spare on for the last fifty miles (or so we though again). This was a very temporary spare. It turned out to be as flat as the blown tire. After discussion amongst the four other vans at the Shell station 2 miles down the rode, it was decided to send a rental van and (good) spare tire back to the stragglers, while the rest of the group forged ahead. Hence, the two arrival times. The Lord protected everyone involved and everyone arrived unscathed aside from a few fire ant bites.

The accommodations are incredible!
We have....
1. doors
2. windows
3. completed sleeping quarters
4. mattresses that fit the beds (some beds have two!)
5. Bathrooms in the same building as the sleeping quarters and multipurpose room
6. A non leaking roof
7. An incredible ocean view from the front lawn

We don't have....
1. the Lagniappe wave
2. skylights in the sanctuary
3. Anheuser Busch water
4. an ice box with a chicken problem

Things to pray for...
1. Biloxi Bob has not been feeling well
2. A new tire for the Bayer van
3. Discernment as we scope out the work sites tomorrow

1. Safe arrival
2. According to Anna the kitchen is amazingly well organized and easy to work in
3. Good weather
4. Beautiful moonrise over the water
5. Great accommodations

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers already.
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What follows is a photo collage of the day.


Keirstin said...

Good morning Mission Team! Glad to hear that you made it safely despite a flat tire. You looked terrific in your yellow tees. Have a wonderful day. We are all praying for you. A special hello to Daddy (aka Bill Belson).

The Belson Family

Anonymous said...

What a blow out! Praise the Lord for keeping you all safe! Too bad you did not have boiling water (Birmingham) for those ants!

I love the robot... is he extra man-power?

God bless you all!


Anonymous said...

You guys were well prayed for this morning. However, I believe your group is bigger than our group, as attendance was "light" at church. Your absence was evident. There were a lot of people wandering around trying to figure out what to do in Rich's absence as well. It is a true praise that you were kept safe through the trip and even the tire incident. Since you do not have the Lagniappe wave, perhaps you can come up with something else, like maybe the Biloxi "block" (blocking men from the bathrooms).

I'll quit before embarrassing my children further.

Deacon Bob