Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Semper Gumby and Monsters, Inc.

It was a beautiful, cool morning in NOLA and work started early, even before the shirred egg breakfast. Mike and Lisa caulked the previous day's baseboard and moulding work. After breakfast, we completed the baseboard and moulding of the raised stage area and the obtuse angles on the front of the stage could be ignored no longer. Lisa ran off to Mike's Hardware (no relation to the Colonel) to fetch the Bill T.-endorsed tool for the job. It's been a few years since any of us have taken geometry, but using our new bevel tool and a lot of scrap wood for drawing, we were able to bisect the obtuse angles, set the saws appropriately and make some pretty tight joints. We were high-fiving all over the place! (Editor's Note: Kids, geometry will come in handy some day, hopefully while you're still young enough to remember it. So, study hard.)

As we finished the baseboard work in the sanctuary, our next job was to be installing sills and chair rail. After some reading in Unca Bubba's handy-dandy construction book and consultation with Jay, it was decided that we would continue with baseboard work, this time in the foyer. Semper gumby!

Kathy now sees door frames in her sleep, reminiscent of the conveyor-belt-of-doors scene from Monsters, Inc. Three coats of primer on two more metal door frames with side excursions of caulking, taping and a trip to the airport during rush hour to pick up her cousin Jim, Jay's twin brother, rounded out Kathy's day.

Edgewater Baptist has a Wednesday evening meal and Bible study/prayer that we were able to attend. A great meal of hamburgers/hot dogs was followed by a challenging message by Chad from Galatians 1:1-4. After a time of corporate prayer (please pray for a little girl named Madison - see for details) it was back to work 'til 9:30, putting the baseboards in the foyer. And more painting for Kathy...

Tomorrow holds more of the same. Maybe some baseboard work up a set of stairs (Bill, get ready for another call). And more painting for Kathy....

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