Sunday, March 16, 2008

NOLA Epilogue & Prep for MoBay

Needless to say, not ALL cellphones change time automatically with the annual "Spring forward" to DST (at least not in Commerce, GA.). After a quick breakfast (very quick) we packed up the Bayer van and headed to church at Mitchell Road PCA in Greenville, SC. By the grace of God, the remainder of the trip to NC was uneventful and we were blessed with great weather for the last half of the 875 mile (+/-) trip to Raleigh. We actually arrived back home while the sun was still shining in NC (first time in 3 years of missions trips). Many thanks to all of our family and friends for all your prayer support during our trip. The opportunity to assist in the ongoing Hurricane Katrina reconstruction efforts was a great blessing to us all. Many thanks to all of our geometry teachers from our "formative years" as well.

Next up for the Calvary Missions Team is "MoBay" (Montego Bay, Jamaica). Preparations are already well under way for the trip upcoming in late June/early July. We have 23 folks traveling to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD). See attached web link for more information and pictures Looking forward to slowly but surely learning finger spelling and American sign language.

Best wishes to all for a very blessed and Happy Easter next Sunday.

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