Thursday, March 06, 2008

Caulk covers a multitude of shims

Baseboards and painting, baseboards and painting…on and on and on. We’ve learned a lot about installing baseboards, moulding and painting doorframes. We completed installing the baseboards and moulding in the church foyer and started installing up the stairs to the second floor. The staircase work threw us for a loop for a while, but a little geometry review helped us again, not without some frustration and character building.

Jay's twin brother Jim, just in from Connecticut where he works for InterVarsity, helped us with some caulking, in between phone calls from folks needing direction for an upcoming trip to NOLA.

News today was that we were to get power to the second side of the building, but once again emergencies took precedence over routine maintenance and the church power was put on hold. Pray that the power would be turned on before next week, so the teams arriving with electricians can troubleshoot any additional issues.

After a full day’s work that started early (6:30 AM), the team headed downtown to the French Quarter for dinner, Cajun fare for most of us, followed by beignets and chicory coffee at the world famous Café Du Monde. Tomorrow, more baseboards and moulding up the stairs and for a change of pace Kathy will attempt to paint doors only with her left hand.

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RaleighGyori said...

I love your blog. The pictures are great and your writing makes me fell connected. May Jesus keep you healthy and may He grant you excellent sleep tonight. May others see Jesus in you.