Monday, March 03, 2008

Learning curve Monday (aka Sisyphus and the baseboards)

It was Monday. The team was excited to get started on the tasks in the sanctuary, including painting and baseboard installation. After a hot breakfast of egg casserole by Chef Jeff and devotions out of Psalm 29, the crew attacked the jobs with great gusto. Initial enthusiasm was met with a few "opportunities" for character development as the baseboard installation presented many challenges, especially mitering the many corners in the sanctuary. As previous experience has shown, there is nothing in the Gulf Coast that is plumb, level or square (at least post-Katrina).

An after lunch phone consultation with Big Bill T. confirmed our suspicion that 45 degrees + 45 degrees equals 90 degrees. Thanks, Bill! Wish you were here. After circular saw re-re-realignment and a cool New Yankee Workshop imitation by Mike (some incredible handsaw work frome the saw hero), the afternoon installation went much better.
Lisa wielded a mean nailgun and Jeff lost some arm hair to Liquid Nails.

Kathy painted Door Frame #1 and Door Frame #2, three times. They are now officially primed. Coming attractions - Door Frame #3, Door Frame #4...

Edgewater Baptist, with most of their building still out of commission, reaches out to the community with the Gospel and by meeting physical needs. They feed the homeless every week, provide monthly Angel Food deliveries, do neighborhood cleanup and general service to the community. They're also planning two missions trips this summer, one to Mexico and another to Maine. Their commitment to reaching their community with the Gospel is a great encouragement and challenge to us.

Maybe some "after" pictures will show up in tomorrow's entry. Thanks for praying for us. We pray that you will get some of the heavy rain that we're experiencing tonight.

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Anonymous said...

My mother has informed me that my classical education has failed me by not teaching me who Sisyphus is. However, your son who forgets nothing knew exactly who he was. Praying for you all and can't wait to hear the stories.
P.S. You will be pleased to know however, my education did not fail me in the addition category.