Saturday, July 06, 2019

Final day in Trenton NC

Wow! This week has flown by! All are tired but all are praising God.

Our morning devotion was on II Corinthians 9:6-15. These verses reminded us to be cheerful servers and that God will supply everything we need for the jobs He has given us to do.

Ms. Lindora was feeling good enough today to go out for lunch. Her friends stopped by to pick her up. The neighborhood is busy today preparing for a community party planned for tomorrow.

The house finally looks significantly different than when we arrived, because we got a lot of priming and painting done. Dan Prins also began to put up window molding.

Two rooms (JJ's and the master bedroom) are fully primed and painted and the master bedroom has trim around the windows. The master bath closet has both coats of paint on the wall and the bathroom has been primed and is awaiting a shower liner and fixtures. The living room is about half painted (the other side still needs sanding and priming) and the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room has been painted twice. The second bathroom has a first coat of paint and will get a second coat tomorrow by Dan Prins from Peace Presbyterian Church in Cary, who is staying for the weekend. The only room that still needs quite a bit of attention (final sanding, priming, and painting) is Ms. Lindy's room and that is because she has been recovering there.
The entire team

Alex led a lunchtime devotion based on Romans 12: 14-21 that he and Pastor Nate had worked on earlier in the day.

After lunch, part of the crew headed back to Village Chapel to begin the long packing-clean up projects. We did not think to get a picture with Ms. Lindora before this crew left for Village Chapel. But Ms. Lindora did come out of her room before the remaining crew left for a smaller group photo.

Once the other workers arrived back home and got showers, the vans were packed and the team headed home....hopefully for a long, deep sleep after a job well done.

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