Monday, July 01, 2019

Day 1 of working on Lindora Toudle's house.

For this mission trip, we decided to split the team of 8 into 4 different teams: N2 (Nathan Bowyer and Nate Wilks), Hollywood (LA - Lisa Gyori and Anne Lukhard), Life is Good (Lily Davis and Gwen Wiggs), and Trans Air (Tom Gyori and Alex Reams). The dubbing of these names came from our wonderful team leader, Ellen. The work we have been doing has centered around putting mud on drywall and sanding. Team N2 worked mainly in the master bedroom and put on the final coat of mud and sanded it. Team Life is Good worked in the master bath and closet and made great progress! Team Hollywood worked on measuring and prepping for painting. Team Trans Air worked in the kitchen, mainly mudding to prep for sanding tomorrow.

The folks at Village Chapel fed us a wonderful home-cooked dinner with ham and mac and cheese!

God allowed us to meet Ms. Lindora's son JJ today who is friendly like his mom.

All in all, a good but exhausting day.

Ms. Lindora's home

The Livingroom

Ms. Lindora's son JJ

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