Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Day 3 Successful Surgery

Praise God for Ms. Lindora's surgery! We were very skeptical when she told us that she had a 9:30 a.m. surgery time in Greenville NC but would be home by noon. She was correct plus or minus 15 minutes. Her surgery went well and she suffered no complications. We welcomed her home with a nice flower arrangement. Some of you that know our team well might not believe this but we did a pretty good job of keeping the noise down all afternoon so Ms Lindy could rest.

Today was the day where the question was answered....will this home look any different the day that we leave than it did the day that we came?! We finally, in two rooms, were able to move on from mudding taping and sanding to....PRIMING!!!! The master bedroom and JJ's (Ms Lindy's son) room look so much bigger and brighter with some paint on the walls. Tomorrow it will be on to at least a first (and maybe second) coat of "sanctuary grey".

Another blessing of our week has been the showers at the YMCA. At our sleeping site there is a shower trailer with two showers which honestly might take forever for us all to get through each night. Instead, the local Y has opened their locker room to us and it is just a hop, skip, and a jump to warm (or cool...your choice) water, clean hair, and fresh smelling bodies!

The Ice Cream fairy left the Calvary Team money for ice cream. We all rejoiced when the vans stopped at The Cow CafĂ©. We left with full bellies after being entertained by a plethora of cow memorabilia and some team members were observed consuming Tums before bed.

Besides work and play the team has been studying community as it is described in Romans 11:33-12:21. Each night we have been challenged with what it means to love one another, honor one another above yourself and serve on another. Even if the work of the trip doesn't change us, God's word certainly has. We are blessed to have our team coordinator Ellen participating with us in our discussion time as well as hearing a message from her over breakfast each morning.

Tomorrow morning is bacon and scrambled eggs 'a la Reams and Hobgood before another full day of looking to outdo each other with honor and blessings....always seeking to give God the glory.

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