Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Day 2

 The mudding of drywall seemed to be completed yesterday and the plan was to sand all bedrooms bathrooms and kitchen. We all headed out the door for a thirty-minute drive to our work site. We all had our marching orders AKA room assignments. Ms. Lindora had an early morning doctor appointment so we planned to get there early and especially wanted to tackle her room while she was away.

"A plan is a platform for her change." God had a different plan. The more we worked, the more we found places that needed more mudding. At the end of the day, most of the rooms had been sanded with various degrees of mudding left to do. The master bathroom has been a serious challenge for Gwen and Lilly in the morning but it became a matter of prayer in the famous prayer chair and God answered !!!

The afternoon went infinitely better. We even received a delivery of flooring materials at the end of the day.

Tomorrow, Ms. Lindora is having foot surgery due to ongoing pain and has to be at the hospital very early in the morning. The plan -- that is subject to change -- AGAIN -- is for the team to head out at 6 30 AM and get an early start while she is at the hospital and conquer a lot of work during her time at the hospital. That way we can get in a full day of work and still allow her to rest quietly at home when she arrives from the hospital.

Please pray that Ms. Lindora will have peace and comfort as she undergoes surgery and pray for wisdom for her doctor. Ask God to give us wisdom, to lead us and guide us, and help us to prioritize our work. Ask God to give us a productive day.

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