Thursday, June 29, 2017


We have been reminding ourselves throughout this trip to be flexible. A lot of rain changed today's tasks. It was too wet to do much work rebuilding Mr. Price's home. So we called Mrs. Richardson, the head of United Christian Academy (UCA). She was thrilled to hear we were willing and able to help at UCA for more than just two hours. We arrived a little after 9:30 and helped some of the summer students with some tutoring while other team members worked in the Library and did a few other tasks.

We went back to FPC for lunch and a productive discussion with Pastor Siggers, a very influential African American pastor in Hattiesburg. Pastor Siggers invited frank questions regarding bridging racial and other gaps in the body of Christ.

Pastor Siggers

Next we returned to UCA. We were able to play educational games with the students, freeing up the teachers to do some much needed planning for the Fall semester.

Playing Fishbowl

Pastor Nate Celebrating

Playing Trash

Playing Spot-it

After the children left, we:
  • Painted a bulletin board.
  • Re-planted some flowers and herbs.
  • Outlined some formulas on the wall of the Math classroom. They will get painted tomorrow.
  • Put a top on a floor cabinet in the Math classroom.
  • Continued to organize the Library
  • Began to organize a large storage room that will be converted in to their cafeteria.
  • Put another coat of paint on the cubby-style bookshelf.

After dinner tonight at FPC, Dr. Larsen took the team on a tour of downtown Hattiesburg and William Carey University, which sustained a lot of tornado damage this past January.

If the rain continues tomorrow, we will not be able to work at Mr. Price's house. This will allow us to finish several tasks we did not finish at UCA. God has opened more doors for ministry as He closes others. Semper Gumby!

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