Saturday, July 01, 2017

Fruits of our Labors

We spent the morning finishing projects at UCA. We finished:

  • painting the geometry formulas on the math classroom wall
  • organizing the library
  • painting the cubby shelves
  • staining the new cabinet top we installed yesterday
  • decorating the main bulletin board to welcome students

Mrs. Rust's new geometry wall

Sorting books in the library

A final coat

Staining the new countertop

Welcome to UCA!

We made progress on a few other projects as well. We removed shelving in the future cafeteria on a wall that will become a large chalkboard calendar. The room is currently used for storage, but as the school grows, they won't be able to fit everyone in the small kitchen area like they could this past year. We were able to add shelves in the English classroom too.

Removing old shelves

Cutting shelves for the English classroom

While we couldn't stay and work with the students today, we were still given a grand send-off, each sharing something we enjoyed about this week and praying together.

With our new friends

Our plans originally had been to stay one more night at FPC and drive ALL the way back to Raleigh on Saturday. Thankfully we listened to some good advice and decided to drive partway this afternoon. A delicious lunch was provided at FPC once again, and then we loaded up. We will sleep in Bremen, GA, and hope to be home by suppertime tomorrow.

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