Thursday, June 29, 2017

We're Really Rolling Now

Our morning work was again divided into various teams. Much work continues on Mr. Price's house. All of the siding was removed and the walls were prepped for new siding. In the kitchen, sub-flooring was installed and framing was added for the new windows. The foundation jacks were able to be moved to the opposite corner of the house so that we can repeat the process there. Meanwhile, the team was able to add permanent bracing for the rafters to pave the way for the eventual ceiling. Some of our team even learned how to use a framing nail gun in the process.

Pastor Carlos removing old siding

Bonnie with the framing nail gun adding bracing for the rafters

Buck, Mike, and Carlos testing the new sub-floor

Meanwhile, since Mr. Holloway ran out of screws, we were able to come back and actually help him finish his fence this morning. Isn't it incredibly straight?

Adding the last few pickets

Straight as an arrow

Mrs. Holloway, Lisa, Nate, Andy, Daniel, and Mr. Holloway

We enjoyed more time with the students at United Christian Academy this afternoon. The kids are learning to interview and introduce people. We also taught them a new song: I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.

Singing with the students

Interviewing each other

After school we spent a couple of hours doing a few odd jobs like painting furniture and walls, and reorganizing the library.

We were invited to a cookout at Molly and Bobby Blass's home for supper. Bobby is the chairman of Hope for Hattiesburg, and Molly heads the education part of it. We enjoyed burgers and chicken, and then gathered to hear from Curt Moore, the Short Term Missions Specialist from Mission to North America.

Curt and Nate


Rebeca Reams said...

You're making lots of progress! Praying for a safe day.

The Reams'

anonomos said...

God is talking to one of his angels and says, “Do you know what I have just done? I have just created a 24-hour period of alternating light and darkness on Earth. Isn’t that good?”

The angel says, “Yes, but what will you do now?”

God says, “I think I’ll call it a day.”