Sunday, July 14, 2013

Worship, Recon, and Fellowship


Today was a day for worship, recon, and fellowship.  We began the morning worshiping with the congregation of First Presbyterian Church.  The service was traditional, and the pastor preached on Psalm 24 about how Christ is the only “right of entrance” to heaven.  This was an appropriate sermon for the week as it reminded us that our good works do not get us to heaven, but they are an extension of Christ in us to a lost world.  After worship this morning we were fed a wonderful lunch by some of the ladies of the church.  They have fed us well so far, and it appears we will not go hungry this week!
Brainstorming at Ms. Floyd's house

After lunch we drove around Hattiesburg and looked at the main work site and ‘reconned’ a couple of other jobs for the week.  We will be working at Ms. Floyd’s house tomorrow.  This is our major project for the week.  It involves tearing down some previous work that was poorly done, pitching the roof, and shingling.  The supplies will be delivered in the morning and we will begin work around 8:30 am.

This evening, Sandra, Mike, and Lisa drove to Biloxi to visit Kyle.  This opportunity was a great blessing, since Kyle was not able to drive up to Hattiesburg this morning.  The rest of us participated in the evening worship service at First Presbyterian.  Knox Baird, our point person for the week, preached on Daniel 6.  He discussed how we will be thrown into our own ‘lions dens,’ and that these are prime opportunities to be a witness to those around us.
We are excited to start work in the morning! 
Mike J. showing us how not to operate a breaker


Kathy Jo Duckett said...

Praying for all -- each of you and those you serve -- as you begin work this morning!
Blessings Kathy Jo

Rebeca Reams said...

Praying you have a safe and fruitful day! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Love to all,

Sarah Whitney said...

Can't wait to hear how the Spirit works there this week! Keep posting and know you are in my prayers.

By the way, if this is a duplicate post, I apologize. My first one looked like it was given the boot for some reason.