Saturday, July 13, 2013

We have arrived!

Benton lending a little air
We have safely made it to Hattiesburg, MS!  The team left the church a little before 7 am this morning after a simple tire issue with the Mothership (AKA Moby Dick), and arrived in Hattiesburg around 9:30 pm.  After being bade a fond farewell by the Wiggs, Hobgoods, and Randy we were on the road a little before 7.  Fair skies (mostly) and clear traffic (except in Atlanta-note to self:  maybe we should check the Braves schedule before we head through Atlanta again) made for pretty smooth sailing.  15 hours together allowed for plenty of time to get to know each other a little better.  We also learned that fast food is rarely fast, and our pit stops would not meet up to NASCAR standards.  Tonight we are being housed in 5 different homes of families from First Presbyterian Church, and we will be attending their worship service in the morning.  Stay tuned as we will continue to update daily! 
All ready to go!

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