Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Plan is a Platform for Change

Today was a productive but somewhat frustrating day because of the weather.  All of our groups started the day out very early.  The roofing crew was at their site by 6:30 and the other groups were headed out the door by 7.  We were not able to even begin working because of thunderstorms and rain that rolled through the area all morning.  However, the roofing crew was very thankful they went to their site early because they found a hole on the roof that they had not covered.  They were able to get it covered before it started raining!  All over our groups waited until the rain rolled through to begin working by late morning/mid-day.
Shrubbery removed from Ms. Minor's property
Dr. Mike, Lisa, and Sarah finished up at Ms. Minor's house.  We cut down branches and shrubbery, and we also finished caulking some of what we had put up yesterday.  Ms. Minor got up early to fix us lunch even though she had to leave her house around 11am for an appointment.  She left lunch on the stove for us and it was very delicious!

Around 1:30 we went to Mrs. Regina's house.  We will start work on her house tomorrow.  She needs to have some work done that is similar to what was done on Ms. Minor's house.  We will be putting up siding over a screened in porch.  The supplies will be delivered in the morning and we are hoping to be able to finish tomorrow.  Mrs. Regina even came out to help us work to take down plywood and tarp that was protecting the side of the house.
Surveying the work to be done at Mrs. Regina's house
 Rich, Sandi, Sandra, Ashley, and Emily went to the "family house."  It is called the "family house" because the church will use it to house homeless families once it is finished.  They were able to prime and paint the ceilings.  They made good progress and were able to finish the ceiling in two bedrooms.  They have one bedroom and a hallway to finish up tomorrow.

The rest of the crew went to continue work on Mrs. Floyd's roof.  They were able to finish getting most of the joists up.  The plan is to start shingling tomorrow.  Everyone quit early to eat dinner around 5:30.  The majority of our group returned to the work site around 7:30 to work on the roof until dark.  There is a lot left to be done but we are praying to finish it all by tomorrow night!
Amelia removing shingles so a joist can be nailed to the roof
Austin and Ginger placing decking

We also enjoyed our annual trip to Sonic tonight (thanks to the ice cream fairy).  We all met at Sonic after the roofing crew finished up at dark.  We were able to enjoy some nice, cold ice cream after our hot day!

Thank you for all of your comments, prayers, and encouragement.  Please continue to pray for us as we finish up our projects and begin packing for the long trip home on Saturday.
Ice cream at Sonic

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PTL said...

We are enjoying reading your posts as you share your daily progress and adventures. It sounds like you all are being very productive in spite of the weather. We continue to pray for your health and safety (some of these pictures are scary)!
Paul, Teresa, and Lily