Monday, July 15, 2013

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Dr. Mike, Lisa, and Sarah (and Sandi for part of the day) went to Ms. Alice’s house to repair rotten siding.  This house has been called the “If you give a mouse a cookie…” house because it seems that once you fix one thing something else needs fixing.  We spent the day removing the rotten siding from the house as best we could.  Tomorrow we will put in insulation and new siding.


The rest of the team went to Ms. Floyd’s house to work on her roof, which is our major project for the week.  The morning started with Austin, Rich, Emily, and Ginger tearing down the pitching above the porch, which was installed incorrectly.  Mike J, Tom, and Ron headed up working on joists for the roof.  However, they realized that all of the wood on the roof, about 1.5 ft from the edge, was all rotten.  Therefore, they spent most of the day taking out rotten boards and replacing them with new ones.  They also found the source of Ms. Floyd’s ant problem when they discovered a nest in the rotten boards.  Sandra headed up debris removal, which everybody else helped with.  Ashley and Sandi cut 2x4s to be used for t-supports that Amelia nailed together.

Fixing rotten boards

Following lunch, both teams went back to their respective sites.  The team at Ms. Floyd’s house had to quit a little early due to afternoon storms, but before then

2 joists were installed on the roof, most of the rotten wood was replaced, and all of the supplies were cut and prepared for the rest of the joists to be installed later this week.  Ms. Floyd’s grandson also drove by this afternoon and will be helping us later tomorrow afternoon after he gets off work.

Cutting boards
Tomorrow both teams will be heading out around 7 am to take advantage of the cool of the day.  Please continue to pray for safety at the worksites and for team members to continue to hydrate well throughout the week.

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PTL said...

Lily says,"Hi, everyone!" We are praying for you all and are enjoying seeing your updates. Drink lots of water and be careful!