Sunday, July 04, 2010

We're here! Can't wait for what's next...

   We've made it!  We have arrived safely in Dalton, Georgia, and are settling in nicely to our new abode.  It was an exciting trip, as the Larsens played catch-up the whole way.  Will (Megan's friend) came down with a fever Friday night and had to go to the doctor Saturday morning.  They were only about 30 minutes behind us, but they did not catch up to us until 30 miles before Dalton.  Will is doing well, and we continue to pray as he recovers.
   Other excitement on the trip included non-existent rest stops, an Eggs and Bacon Moth, and Mrs. Smith's bakery (we thought of you Uncle Bubba!).  We thank God for our safety and amiable attitudes after our long 10 hour trip to Dalton.

Dalton celebrated the 4th with fireworks on Saturday night. Most of us went downtown and found a grassy area by a strip mall for the show. We saw a good show, but made us hanker for the Garner fireworks.

Sunday morning provided a chance to meet and enjoy fellowship with the members of Grace PCA, the church that is graciously hosting us. A Grace member named Jim (in green shirt below) is the founder of Rebuilding Hope Ministries, through which he and we are reaching out to the people of Dalton, and he spoke with us before church about the projects for the week and goals of his ministry. 

We also spoke with Carlos, the pastor in charge of Hispanic ministries, and some of us had a chance to go to a sermon and Sunday School session taught in Spanish by Carlos--oddly enough, the class is going through Job just as our adult Sunday School is!

Sunday afternoon was spent planning for the week ahead. We split up and went to work sites, Fort Mountain State Park (to survey the trails), while some folks stayed back at the team house and started setup for our God's Marvelous Creation program. One work site includes a bare concrete slab, just waiting for our team to provide the oomph to raise the walls. There are also opportunities for drywall mudding, taping and sanding, along with cabinet installation and repair of some wheelchair ramps. Lots of work; little time; pray for endurance, patience and people-focus.

Off to bed for an early start tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers - 33 kids will be attending the Creation program (+15 from our last count). Happy 4th to you all and to all a goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for travel mercies. Throughout the week remember "Sleep and veggies". Or as
Col. Larsen says, "hydrate or die"!
Have a great week, blog, blog, blog.
Uncle Bubba
P.S. Mrs. Smith rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear our prayers for Will have been answered!!! The Gyoris were missed in Chicago on the fourth. But it sounds like a lot of good will be done in GA.

Kathy said...

"Praying for endurance, patience and people-focus". I pray for God's blessings to not only flow from you to those you are serving but also that each one of you will be touched by what God is accomplishing through you.