Saturday, July 10, 2010

Build, mud, sand, paint, repeat...

It’s Friday, and we accomplished a lot today! We all split up and worked on construction projects all day. Following our “divide and conquer” philosophy, we worked at seven different work sites today. We managed to install two handicap ramps, demolish a bathroom, jack a house and fix the foundation, package food, put in shelves, paint, sand, mud, and clean a house so the new owners could move in next week. It was a long, but fulfilling day!

Dr. Mike, Megan, and Christine worked with Tony, one of Rebuilding Hope’s staff members for the summer, to “un-steep-ify” a handicap ramp. Since the ramp’s landing was 19 inches off the ground, and building code for ramps calls for one foot of ramp per inch of drop (grade-wise,) we built a 19-foot ramp to replace the six-to-ten foot ramp that was in place.

The second handicap ramp was installed by Jay, Michael, and Ginger. Jim (the construction leader) had been given the handicap ramp, and he wanted to install it over the steps leading up to the house of an elderly woman who has trouble getting around. The ramp, however, was two-inches too high. After throwing ideas around Michael came up with the most ingenious idea, and the floor of the ramp was leveled starting 16 inches back so the ramp would end up fitting perfectly at her door. They then went into her bathroom to rip up tile and rotten particle board. The bathroom will be finished next week by the new team arriving in Dalton.

Ron, Tyler, and Bobby helped put a house up on jacks and fix the foundation. In the morning they cut shims to finely tune the height of the beams underneath the house. Tyler then got to dig holes for the foundation for the beams (much to his delight). Using hydraulic lifts they then lifted the house and placed cinderblocks and the beams to secure the foundation.

Emily, Marilee, and Austin spent the morning at a food bank packaging food. They were then able to go to a homeless camp to see where most of the homeless in Dalton live. They really had an eye opening experience!

In the afternoon Emily, Marilee, Austin, and Gwen installed shelves and peg board back at the team house. The materials were dropped off yesterday to be installed if we had time to work on them.

At the foster house Tom, Gwen, Jay, Ginger, Michael, and Ryan worked in the morning to finish sanding and mudding. The upstairs is completely sanded and mudded and is almost ready to be painted! In the afternoon Tom and Ryan stayed at the foster house and started to mud the downstairs so that it can be sanded next week.

In Tunnel Hill Lisa, Mike, and Daniel prepared the siding house to be ready for the four sisters to move in next week. They finished painting doors, as well as cleaning tubs, sinks and floors. They also sealed the bathroom floor once they removed all of the grime left over from dry walling and painting.

We want to thank you all for your prayers as we have had a fun, yet safe week! We could not have done it with out you.

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