Monday, July 05, 2010

Some work, some play--all in a bright summer's day!

Day 1: "Divide and conquer." 19 team members, 4 work sites. The majority of our team was sent to a 1910-era foster home that needed sheetrock mudding and taping, and great progress was made. Other projects included building a wheelchair-accessible planter for an elderly lady in a town south of Dalton; touching up trimwork and the initial construction of a set of stairs in Tunnel Hill, GA; and installing siding and soffits at a home also in Tunnel Hill. We returned home muddy, painty, sawdusty, and rearing to go for our first afternoon of God's Marvelous Creation camp!

The first day of camp went well as we got to know the kids. We had 26 kids, which was different from any other number we were given, so we are practicing flexibility! All of the different stations went well, and the kids seemed interested in what we had to say. The stations included information on animal tracks, rocks and minerals, birds, and trees. They are all excited because we go to the aquarium tomorrow!

One of the things the kids learned about today outside was all about rocks and minerals BUT even more important, how "Christ is our rock and salvation". We also learned how wise boys & girls "build their house on the rock and not on the sand" and trust in the Lord (like in our song time shown)...

The bird station gave the kids the opportunity to understand God's diversity in creation as they learned about how birds were different from other animals. We did some bird watching with binoculars and listened to some bird calls of common birds in the area. We also talked about how God's care for the birds proves His love and care for us (Matthew 6.25ff).

Trees + hammers + Dr. Seuss = one fun station. We talked about God as CreatOR and creatIVE, using a Cat in the Hat tree book and the trees around us to talk about the tallest tree, the tree with the shaggiest bark, the widest tree, and even why palm trees don't grow very tall! We then used hammers (enter kids' excited screams here) to make leaf prints, which we decorated with a Bible verse, punches, and markers to make bookmarks. The kids did a tree-mendous job not hammering their thumbs (or ours.)

We explored the world of God's creatures which are often hidden except for the tracks they leave. Mike, Austin and Ron found some tracks of raccoons and made tracks in mud to create plaster casts. It gave the children the opportunity open their eyes to world of hidden animals.

Meet Snappy! This is one of the many critters that we have met while we are here. Snappy lives in the pond beside the church and loves to smile for the camera.

Please pray for safety tomorrow as we travel to the aquarium, and we try to keep our heads above the water! We are also looking forward to hearing from y'all through your comments. Please tell us your hopes, dreams, thoughts, ideas...


Anonymous said...

Y'all are doing great work! Glad to
hear the afternoon activities are off to a great start. Remember:
Sleep and veggies; hydrate or die!
Uncle Bubba
P.S. How's Will feeling? People want to know...

Anonymous said...

Praying that every one is staying well and that the trip to the aquarium went well. 102 in Raleigh today. Praying that it is cooler there or that you have some protection from the heat.

gospotgo said...

Will is doing well, and all have stayed healthy!