Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday afternoon fun!

Sunday afternoon was a fun time for everyone. There is a beautiful lake about four miles from the longhouse and so most of our group took advantage of the opportunity and went swimming for the afternoon. In case you didn’t know, mountain water is COLD! We felt like we were in the polar bear club (you know, those really stupid people who jump in like –32 degree waters). Don’t worry mom, no one has pneumonia ye—ACHOO! Just kidding! The clear lake and the awesome surrounding mountains were a great setting to appreciate God’s creation all around us. Mr. Diepenbrock, the ever-faithful cameraman, has plenty of pictures of us lying around the rocks looking like beached whales (you’ll have to come to the presentation to see those pictures if they don’t get deleted first).

Sunday night included the arrival of the Philadelphia team in one piece (they survived the wild animals) as well as a time of group worship and devotions. Some of the team leaders had the chance to scout out a few of the worksites and plan for the week ahead.

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