Sunday, July 26, 2009

Internetless at Starbucks

Well, as far as internet connection goes, we are not having much luck. The Starbucks down the road works great for coffee, but for internet connection, not so much. We are posting when we can but it is hit and miss with the connection. Don’t worry, we are learning much patience along the way!

Church this morning was wonderful. We went to Cornerstone Methodist Church. Their 9am service was very upbeat and more contemporary in style. We got some pictures of the interior as well as a group picture standing outside the front entrance of the church. The sun was bright…don’t make fun of us too much for our squinting eyes.

We are still getting used to the time change. Many of us are tired, and the gym was quite frigid last night! We made an after-church run to Wal-Mart (again!) for extra blankets. The bathrooms are nice, but there are only 2 showers for everybody—that’s a lot of fun! The girls have taken over the guys bathroom for showers and the guys are learning flexibility.

This afternoon includes lunch back at the longhouse and orientation as well as visiting worksites. The group from Phillidelphia has not shown up yet…some of us are concerned they got attacked by wild bears; either that or they got REALLY lost.

Well, no pictures for today because of the inconsistent internet but we hope to get better connections somewhere, at some time…..maybe? We’ll try to keep you updated when we can. Thanks for all your prayers!

The Omak 15

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The Wiggs said...

We're grateful that there is no intermittent connection to Jesus! May your first day of work be filled with wonders of grace and mercy.

Love, The Wiggs