Sunday, July 26, 2009

Arrived in Omak

Hello once again from the travel-weary Omak 15. We have once again spent all day traveling, but the good news is we are finally here!!! We left the hotel this morning at 10:45am (1:45pm Raleigh-time) and trekked through the beautiful, scenic mountains of Washington. On the Seattle side of Washington everything is VERY green and lush. Everyone’s yard looked perfect! Imagine that—no dry spots or dead grass in your lawn! Inconceivable! The Omak side of the mountains was different however. We were still very much in the mountains, but this side is very barren and dead. Because of the rain-shadow effect, all of the rain falls on the Seattle side of the mountains, but not much makes it over to the Omak side.

We stopped for a late lunch in East Wenatchee and everyone found something they liked. Some of us saw a sign for 29 flavors of soft serve ice cream and decided that sounded yummy. Turns out the milk delivered that morning was curdled—not one of the 29 flavors. Not deterred, we went across the street to a frozen yogurt shop. Turns out lawyers moved in and forgot to take down the frozen yogurt sign. There is talk about getting ice cream tonight while we are on a Wal-Mart run however, so we may get that ice cream after all!

All in all, it has been a wonderful day of cheerful spirits and safe travel. God has answered many prayers and we know He will continue to be faithful as the week progresses. Posted below are some of the pictures we took today of the scenery as well as a fruit stand we stopped at along the way. The fresh cherries are amazing!

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