Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleepy in Seattle

Good Evening,

Or good morning, or good afternoon….who knows what time it really is. We have landed in Seattle and with the time change we are quite confused…but we all are tired! And so it begins.

We began our cross-country trek this afternoon at 3:30 where we met at the RDU Airport. Things went rather smoothly…imagine that! God is good! We boarded our first flight which took us to Boston. After a short layover, we boarded our second flight which took us to Seattle. This one was a bit long (5 hours). As you can imagine, we are all tired but glad to be back on solid ground.

In case you thought we were self-sacrificing dedicated bloggers…don’t worry. We got smart and typed this in Boston so all we had to do was upload it now that we have arrived in Seattle. Now it’s off to bed because it’s REALLY LATE!!!

Goodnight all!
Calvary Missions Team ‘09


Anonymous said...

Never mind sleepy;,how's the coffee
out there? In honor and support of y'alls "Purpose Driven" trip, we
purposely drove the Creepy Shed into the ground. The neighbors cheered! So, we're sweating with you, and praying for you. God bless, and write when you find work.
Love, Bubba

B. R. Protonentis said...

Hope the sleepiness is gone. We are praying for you all and are looking forward to hearing about the wonderful things Jesus will do through you all. Ashley and Marilee, I miss my girls. I know you will both be a blessing to many.

Brenda for all the Pros

Calvary Team said...

Praise the Lord, He had brought you all to Seattle. Who knew Boston was on the way to Seattle from here? We are praying that God would continue to bless you as you serve Him this week. We will pray for restful sleep as well. -The Wiggs family

Anonymous said...

So glad you made the trip safely! We will be praying for you this week.
We love you,
The Reams'

Anne Lukhard said...

It is awesome to hear from you - even if it was really from Boston -
Have a great trip !! The Lukhards