Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Today some of the teams got switched up a little bit. Some of the people left Uncle Bubba for other sites (and said they had more fun than they were having with him).

Speaking of Uncle Bubba, here he is to report in....
Day three at Norman's house brought more sanding, sanding, sanding and yes, mudding, mudding, and more mudding. Kudos to Anne for taking control of the kitchen and dining room mudding and sanding, and making me wipe my feet before entering her domain. Also, doing a great job with the sanding were the new "sugar-powdered" donuts (Marilee, Kelsey, and Devin), who took over "seamlessly" from the first group of "donuts" Ashley, Ginger, Sarah, and Megan. The other major project at Norm's involves reframing a wall and replacing three windows. Jonnie and Catherine did a fantastic job with all the cutting, nailing, and hammering. Special thanks to Jay and Ron for co-leading the effort at Norm's.

So, after all the work, we came back to First Pres and partied! (but not too hard). There was a picnic on the lawn followed by fireworks up and down the beach, which started before 7 and are still going strong as we write.

Here's our General Contractor to report in...
As I go from site to site with Lisa there has been a common statement of "Can you see the picture" while trying to train or instruct about some task. I do enjoy the challenge of painting the picture in another person's mind as to what I'm saying. Yesterday Jeff and I were trying to get something worked out and he said that it was like doing a mind meld. There is so much satisfaction when the light comes on and the words "AHH I get it" are said while trying to explain it. There has been a lot of hard work and dedication to getting it right at all of the job sites and many opportunities for helping each other. I've seen great ideas coming from our youth for problem solving hard situations. Nothing at any of our job sites have been cut & dry, all job sites are faced with unique problems that they have to figure out. Everyone has done a great job dealing with these obstacles like rain, walls not square, homes in need of a structural make over. Traveling from site to site has been a challenge to be Mr. show and tell without the use of one power tool. Some how it has become a fun game to get me to use some form of a power tool whether it be a drill or a chop saw, I don't know who but someone started this "How long can Mr. Bill go before using a power tool." Somehow everyone thinks that Lisa's not letting me use them but that's not it, I have found it to be a challenge to not use them but do show them how to use them properly. I do get to use sledge hammers, hammers, chisels and wrenches.
Bill T.

That's all for today. There's lots of pictures so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Well the blog from Bill T. explains lots. I was wondering why the only pictues of him were shopping and eating! A little different from last year. God has a way of challenging each person on these trips. I am glad you all had some time to celebrate the 4th and have fun. God has blessed us with much freedom. We are praying for love for you all today.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can almost see the end of the tunnel. It's great to see everyone still smiling. I can't wit to see you. Hurry home. I'm glad to hear the fireworks didn't get rained out; however, I didn't enjoy the fireworks too much. Samson.