Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day Two: More of the Same!

Day two was spent doing more of the same: Installing windows, digging holes for a porch and filling them with concrete, mudding and sanding walls, and moving a water heater. Therefore, there is not much more information to share concerning our work but we will post more pictures from our day below.

Biloxi Bob presented us with the devotion for tonight. In his devotion he listed several different "statistics" concerning Biloxi since Hurricane Katrina:
-600 out of 2,500 homes in East Biloxi are concrete slabs
-The other homes (1,900) needed to be repaired
-Out of those 1,900 homes, only 32% have been repaired
-Biloxi Bob does not think that more than 50% of the homes will ever be repaired
because of a lack of volunteers
-Before Katrina there were a little over 100 churches operating in this area. First Pres. Biloxi is the only one that has remained open after the hurricane and only one other church has been repaired since Hurricane Katrina.
-The Katrina relief ministry at First Pres. will close by the end of the year because of a lack of volunteers
Please pray for Biloxi Bob as he continues to regain his health and for him and his wife as they look at what God has for them in the future. The needy people here recognize that Christians are the ones who offer help in rebuilding. Pray that their hearts and minds would be open to the Gospel and that we, as Christians, would maintain our witness for Christ.

On a lighter note, we have a few quotes from the lovable "Uncle Bubba". Enjoy!
-"I have more hair on my toes than on the top of my head."
-"Even my shins have bald spots."
-"I am confident in my manhood but it's killing my feet" (in reference to his pink flowery flip-flops).

Thanks for your comments and prayers.


P.S. We completed a long, hard day with an ice cream run at Sonic. We are all stuffed and waaaayyyy too hyper!!! Bedtime is going to be late tonight!


Anonymous said...

In the fourth picture, is that my daughter supervising the work? Regardless, she's learned well. In defense of Uncca Bubba, I have heard that less hair is a sign the energy is focused inward (brain) rather than outward (hair). Of course, the flipflops don't help with the credibiity. DB

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your attitudes! Looks/sounds like you all are doing great! Wonderful pictures of everyone, I especially like the "semper gumby" quartet. Keep up the hard work.