Friday, July 06, 2007

Thursday summary (a day late)

Well, things have been pretty busy around here, as you can tell by the lack of last night's blog. We are writing two days worth today, and it is already pretty late tonight, so it will be short and sweet.
On Thursday we asked a bunch of people to write down what they have learned so far on the missions trip or a favorite memory from a worksite. Here are the results:

"I learned how to replace windows and sheetrock." -Jonnie Weiandt

"Your everyday teenager right now is probably in bed sleeping off what few precious hours are in the day. But of course, we are not your average teenagers. We wake up from 5 to 7 in the morning. No matter how tired you are you have to pull yourself out of bed or someone else will do it for you. Then, after a quick breakfast at 7, we are off to the worksites to labor all day over decks, sheetrock, or windows, to bring hope and restoration to the people of Biloxi, Mississippi. It seems like doing the same thing over and over again can be a drag, but it is not only about the building. It is about witnessing to people through our actions and reactions." -Kelsey Wiggs, the future novelist :)

"One of the things I will never forget is how happy and excited Mr. Huggar (our homeowner) was to meet us! He ran to each of us and gave us a huge hug and welcomed us to Mississippi." -Marilee Protonentis

"Going down to Biloxi, Mississippi, and helping people in need helps spread the Gospel to people who are lost." -Ryan Hatton

"Mr. Huggar (one of our homeowners) told us about how a lot of his friends drowned and died. Hearing these stories make you want to work hard and give up time and dedication. Seeing people that have to live in small, tiny trailers in almost every house is a sad, scary thought. We even have to protect ourselves while going on the ocean because of the trash and glass. But they still find ways to have fun and get by it, and so do we." -Devin Shepard

"I really enjoyed learning how to use different power tools, like nail guns, circular saws, etc. Getting to talk with the homeowners was fun and interesting too." -Catherine Nevins

"I never knew building a deck was so complicated. Learning how to install crown moulding has been really fun and I've enjoyed working on the deck." -Christine Diepenbrock

"Mississippi was an unforgettable experience for me! It was lots of fun sanding, building a deck, and meeting all the homeowners. Mr. Huggar was soooo excited to see us and gave us lots of hugs. He even made us some REALLY good BBQ ribs!! :) So all in all, MS was lots and lots of fun, an inspiring trip, and a good lesson in hard work and endurance! ~Megan Larsen~

Well we told you it would be short and sweet!!

-"the team"


Today was quite interesting. We spent today finishing up what we could and taking on a few odd jobs.
Norman's house was finished up and some of those people went to go help at new jobs. One of those jobs was helping to replace some windows at the Salvation Army site. The other job we picked up today was in Gulf Port. A small group went to go and help an elderly lady with whatever they could in the small amount of time they had after finishing up at previous work sites.
The two groups at the Washington house and the Huggar house had a long day. The Washington people spent time working on the deck and finishing up the odds and ends inside the house. The Huggar group worked all day on finishing up the two decks. Neither of the decks at either house were able to be finished completely, but it will not take much for another group to come back and touch up what we did not finish.
This week has been a great opportunity for every one who was able to go on this trip. I feel that everybody is thoroughly pleased with the help we were able to give to the people down here. I think that are group made the light of Christ shine to the people down here and has given the people hope for where there was none.
We can't wait to see y'all tomorrow (or EARLY Sunday).


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