Saturday, July 11, 2015

Survivor? Nope, just another Calvary mission trip

The General would have
won had it been a game
of survivor
Put 13 people in a strange place with physical tasks laid before them, and you have a season of Survivor. However, if the 13 people are brothers and sisters in Christ and the strange location is Hattiesburg, Mississippi, you have how we spent the last week. Ah yes, a 14 hour car ride home is the perfect time to look back on everything that we have accomplished and learned this week. However, most of the time was spend napping and socializing. Hey, you can’t win them all.

Our journey back home began with a wonderful breakfast consisting of variations of egg, bacon, bagels, and sausage biscuits. As we packed the last of our things and got all of our General Quackingtons in a row, we were blessed with a visit from Knox, his wife Deborah, and their happy go lucky German shepherd Sampson. We were given gifts of antique orange t shirts, beautiful parting words/prayer, and best of all, a slobbery tennis ball (well, it was a rental).

When we finally got on the road (a tad later than we would have liked), We enjoyed some Worship music provided by DJ Green Megs ‘n Ham as we took some time to ourselves. The car ride was scattered with high activity, like when we made the poor decision to pass Ashley the bag of leftover pound cake and she promptly ate it all,  or when Nathan saw the word “Hilbish” and couldn’t contain his laughter for a minute (reminiscent of a similar incident that happened in Chattanooga last year). With a couple of stops for bathroom, leg room, and less room in our bellies, it was a very smooth car ride home. At a Chickfila we stopped at, we ran into another mission team that was on their way to Panama to work with kids in Drama. Nathan and Ashley were later found hiding in the trunk of their car, never wanting to miss a call from the spotlight.

Everybody enjoyed dinner
For dinner, we stopped at a small, old establishment called What-A-Burger. Despite their menu being as confusing as the word Hibbenspank, the staff was incredibly nice (and gave us a discount!) and the food was delicious. We opted to take our final group picture right there on the patio.

The rest of the car ride was filled with discussion, music, and blogging. All of us are very excited to be back home and see our families, feel our beds, and in certain cases, bite our brothers. It has been another successful Calvary Missions trip, and all the Glory goes to God. We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our week.

Signing out,

Blogs McGee

(Check back here for an official date for the team report!  We can't wait to tell you in person of everything that God has done this past week!)

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