Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday, Last Day of Work

So, today was our last day of work. We completed many of the classrooms, which included moving everything out of them, scrubbing them down, cutting and painting everything (including the floor), and putting everything back in them. We also completed painting the front of the building and the entire railing down the front. We completed everything by about 6:30 today (no working by headlights like the Biloxi trip). Yesterday’s VBS was crazy! There were a ton of kids running all over the place and little place to put them. It was hard to keep order even with most of our group and some of another group helping. Today was much more calm and contained, and many of the people working with VBS were much more encouraged by this afternoon. Here’s a bunch of quotes from different people, as well as some pictures (we'll have more later).

This has been a great trip, and it makes you realize the poverty in Jamaica. It has been great to help and also “sign” with the deaf kids. I hope to come back to CCCD some time, because it was great even though I’m exhausted.

This trip has been a BLAST! We have done so much work. It has been very hot compared to NC but not too, too bad. I have loved meeting all the CCCD kids and helpers. Thanks to all that have helped us get here and thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Thanks again and I can’t wait to tell y’all about this wonderful experience.
P.S. Y’all is not a phrase they use here.

We’ve had a great week, making friends with other believers from different places, playing with Jamaican children at VBS, and working hard to improve the buildings at CCCD. Everyone has worked well together, with very few complaints about the heat. God has been good, protecting us from the sun and with cooling rainstorms, and kept everyone from serious illness. Some cool flora and fauna too!

This week has been absolutely amazing!!!!

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