Saturday, June 23, 2012

We've Made It!

We've made it!  After about 10 hours of traveling we have begun to settle in.  We would like to praise God for the safe travels, allowing all of us to make it through customs (Mike J. got held up due to having the same name as a man on the no-fly-list), and for the majority of our baggage making it through safely.  Lisa's checked bag didn't leave the Atlanta tarmac, but it should arrive here either tomorrow or Monday. 
We have met several of the missionaries we will be working with and have been informed of the plan for the week.  However, as we all know a plan is a platform for change!  We have been encouraged to be very flexible. 
Team photo at the compound
In regards to hydration, we have also been informed that we need to drink 1 liter an hour!  It is also highly recommended that we alternate between water and gatorade.  Please pray that we will all hydrate appropriately and avoid any problems with heat exhaustion. 
Our first meal in Honduras was one of local cuisine, which was very tasty!  So far, there are no stomach problems, but please continue to pray that it stays that way :).
Tomorrow we will be attending a church service in the morning with the missionaries here at the compound where we are staying.  Next we will be getting a tour of our worksites which will be followed by a program led by lead missionaries about sexual abuse and things to look for while we are here.  We will then attend a local church in the afternoon.
Please pray that we all get lots of well-needed rest tonight and that planning goes well tomorrow.  Also pray that Lisa's bag arrives in a timely manner.  Finally, please pray that we will all be very flexible this week.
View from the roof of our compound
Thank you so much for your prayers, and let us hear from you!  Since most of us did not bring our phones, this is our one line of communication with you.


Kathy Larsen said...

It is now 12:01 am on June 24th and I wanted to wish Megan a HAPPY 20th Birthday!!!

Love you!

Marcus Kirtley said...

I'm glad to see that you all made it safely. I'm not sure if Marcia has shared her mission trip nickname with you all yet...In the past she's acquired the name "Marcia-nator". Give that woman job or three and watch her go!!! Make sure she works hard, stays young, and learns something new to teach her Grandchildren when she returns...Especially Kaley & Elise.

Bryan Wright said...

Great Picture!

We have been praying that Sunday would be a most special day
of 'Rest' for all with
Times of Refreshment from the Presence of the Lord!!!
Pastor Bryan

Rebeca Reams said...

Love seeing the picture of all of you! God bless you all!

We love you!
The Reams'