Friday, June 29, 2012

A day of fun!

Enjoying the falls
It's Friday!  We had a wonderful day hiking through the rain forest and swimming in the waterfall.  We left at 8 am this morning and got back around 3:30.  On our hike we saw lots of cool things such as frogs, lizards, insects, plants (including nutmeg!), and fungi.  We spent about 2 hours at the falls and enjoyed playing in the pools and in the waterfall.  Following the hike we had a chance to go souvenir shopping. 
Tomorrow morning we will leave La Ceiba at 6 am for our 3 hour bus ride back to the San Pedro Sula.  We will then fly out around 12:12 (Honduras time, so about 2:12 home time).  We have a 5 1/2 hour delay in Atlanta and will then arrive home around 12:30 Sunday morning.  Please pray for safe travel and that all of our baggage arrives in Raleigh with us.  We can't wait to see all of y'all!
Also, I wanted to leave you with one quick blessing that I meant to share in yesterday's blog.  Yesterday, the duct tape that was holding Megan's tennis shoes together came off, and they were in need of repair.  We remembered the shoe repairman of La Fe, who we mentioned earlier in the week and has helped us with the walkway.  Megan and Mike took her shoes to him, where they were repaired very well.  We were then told later in the day that the shoe repairman had no money to feed his family that night, but since we had him fix the shoes he could now feed his family!  God always has perfect timing!


Bryan Wright said...

Your 'Quick Blessing' was a Great Blessing to hear! What a beautiful picture of the ways the Lord takes care of all His sheep, giving the gift of shoes to walk in, and food to eat!

Bring back a 'souvenir' Lizard for us!!! I know someone who will take care of it!

Pastor Bryan

Anonymous said...

I remain in prayer until your safe return.