Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Minnow packed and ready

We have arrived! Sixteen of our nineteen total team members arrived in Dalton, Georgia at 5:15, forty-five minutes ahead of schedule. The Larsens will be driving down tomorrow to complete the team. The team from Sparta, Illinois had already arrived. We have had an orientation meeting and are excited to start work on Monday.

The trip was fairly uneventful, other than “The Jack Encounter” and a few miles of traffic. Our fleet includes “The Bruise”, “Moby Dick”, and “The Minnow”. We were entertained by the conversations of other people on our radios for a while until we decided to switch to a more exclusive channel. In-travel entertainment also included listening to songs representing each team member, a sermon on evangelism, and figuring out the new-fangled overdrive on the vans.

Tonight we are planning on fellowshipping with pizza, music, and games. It seems like the Sparta and Calvary teams will become fast friends. There will also be the first official “Walmart Run” of the trip to pick up a few supplies. Tomorrow we will worship at the church and finish planning for the week.

The "before" team photo, all smiles and no sweat :)

Prayer Requests

· Rest for the team

· Rest and safe travel for the Larsens tomorrow

· Final VBS and construction preparations

· Scott Parsons as he prepares to preach tomorrow

· For God to prepare the hearts of the kids and families we will be serving this week

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Emily said...

Hope u all have a great time! Good luck! Stay safe!