Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're hot, but we're here and we're healthy

You've already heard that we've arrived here safely, you could probably guess that we're hot, so the only real news is that we're all healthy (healthy bodies, appetites, and expectations for the rest of the week!).
This morning, we got up and went to church where the principal of the CCCD school worships. With our three groups combined, we added significant numbers to the congregation. We arrived at church around 9:30. The service had just started so we slid in about as discreetly as an albino elephant in a tar pit. The service was very uplifting with a warm welcome from the congregation, passionate singing, and uplifting preaching. We left church around noon time and came back to the school to change into assorted aquatic apparel. After lunch we went to a private beach and spent the afternoon swimming, snorkeling, snoozing, and just generally relaxing. We came back around 5pm and were fed another scrumptious dinner after which we held large and small group meetings, and will soon be hitting the sack in preparation for construction/soccer/VBS tomorrow.
Thanks so much for all your prayers for safe travel. Please pray for our first work day tomorrow as we figure out all of the logistics of what to and where to put people. Pray that we'll be able to be efficient and safe in our construction, and that we can minister effectively to the kids we play soccer with and interact with at VBS. We'll see if we can post some of the pictures we took today on tomorrow's post.


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