Monday, June 30, 2008

The first day of work

Today was a very good first day of work. We are all exhausted, but pleased with the amount of work that we were able to accomplish.
Our day started around 8:30 by our division into groups. Some of us were assigned to cleaning walls and painting in the classrooms, others were assigned to working with concrete, and others to raking the yard (which is a huge job!). We have had very few problems with sunburn and dehydration which is a huge praise!
The afternoon consisted of soccer camp and VBS with local kids. Two soccer games were played in the afternoon while VBS was held at a nearby church. We had around 27 kids for VBS. Some of them were not able to stay the entire time, but kids came in and out throughout the afternoon. We are holding VBS in a one-room church so we are learning to be creative!

It has been an amazing trip so far. Unfortunately, I have been a bit sick this morning, and therefore unable to work, but I am feeling much better now. Church yesterday was a new and uplifting experience, and the afternoon swim was much needed. VBS was a wonderful blessing both for us and for the children. God bless, all my love to my family.

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Angela said...

Dear Phillip,
I am praying that you will feel better very soon so that you may accomplish the good work God has for you to do in MoBay. I am praying the team would have peace and joy as they labor in love for Jesus and the CCCD. May Jesus give each of you His peace and joy in your work.
I love you and miss you,
PS Stephen called late yesterday afternoon. They were back in the US and en route to Raleigh.