Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday: Checking off the To-do List

Look at that organization!
Thursday has come to an end, and we have painted the chapel and hallway, built bookshelves, organized a tool shed, installed more baseboards, and built a frame for a closet.  God has been good to us this week as He has allowed us to complete the projects given to us, smoothly.  The head of construction has said that he is thankful for the skilled labor and our attention to detail.  We are thankful that we have been able to be a blessing to him.

Lisa and Mike with AJ our construction leader
Nate W and Sarah worked hard all day to get the bookshelves installed, and they look great!  We finally finished sanding in the chapel and everyone pitched in to help paint.  In no time the walls were painted (Carolina blue, I must sadly admit), and they had us paint the hallway outside of the dental clinic as well.  Emily and Ashley Ha. worked hard at installing more baseboards for most of the morning.  Ashley Ho. and Megan were given the task of organizing the tool shed, and they did an amazing job!  At they end of the day they even stayed in the shed to receive incoming tools so their system would not be messed up on the first afternoon.  At the end of the day, Emily and Ashley Ha were a blessing as they stayed at the sink and wash paint supplies as different groups finished painting.

This evening we had a great time at BBC.  God was good and 13 kids attended!  We were convicted last night that we had not had a small group praying for God to send kids, like we had done the first day.  Today we organized a prayer group, and God answered many prayers throughout the evening.  Throughout the week we have presented the stories of creation and the fall.  Tonight the story was Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.  Nate and Dr. Mike worked out a pH titration kit so some water would change from red to clear as an example of Christ cleansing our sins.  This analogy was well received by kids, and seemed to have been a good way to emphasize how Jesus sacrifice is enough to forgive all of our sins.

Crafts were held after the lesson where they painted a sunset on a plate and a cut-out of the three crosses was stapled to the plate.  Crafts this week have been one of the favorite things for the kids, and it has been a great time for us to interact more with them and get to know them.  Please pray for tomorrow, as we will be bringing the kids to a park to have lunch, games, and one more Bible lesson.  Pray that God will give us the words to say and that the children will be receptive.

After BBC some of the team went down town to watch the fireworks over the river.  God was good as he provided a great parking spot and a great place to sit and watch.  It was a perfect end to the day.

Thank you so much for the comments!  We love to hear from you and appreciate all the prayers and support!  Please continue to pray for our day with the kids tomorrow, and our preparations to return to Raleigh on Saturday.  We are also praying for those back in North Carolina, that God will keep you safe through the storm.


Anonymous said...

Fireworks are beautiful. Praying your trip to the park went well today.

Sarah said...

I've been praying for your trip this whole week. I love to read how the Spirit is working with each of you. And I'm so proud of my big sis and her amazing family. You inspire me. Xoxo

Sarah (again) said...

13 kids?! Very nice turn out! Word must have spread that you had some good news to share. Isn't God amazing? God speed home.