Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Preparing for Honduras!

     It's that time of year again!  In about 3 weeks the Calvary Missions Team will be headed to La Ceiba, Honduras.  We are excited for what God has planned for us, and we ask that you would pray that we follow Him every step of the way.  
     Many prayers have been answered in ways that we could not even imagine.  We have been provided with well priced plane tickets, flights on the dates requested (and at decent times), safe and comfortable dorms, and already have full funding for our trip!  Please continue to pray as we wrap up necessary preparations such as planning material for the kids, travel arrangements, vaccinations, and passports.  Please pray for the missionaries in Honduras that we will be working with and the families to whom we will be ministering.  Once again we are very grateful for your prayers and support, and we cannot wait to tell you about the wonderful things God is going to do on this trip!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what God has in store!

Anonymous said...

Vaya con Dios!